Wednesday, 18 March 2009

the easy things in life: sex and cheese.

I'm Rachel and I have a firm belief that leggings ARE trousers. My main ambition in life is to single-handedly bring back popworld and I'm really good at interpretive dance and inane rambles. I have an unfortunate talent for spending money quicker than I earn it (which I don't, even Matalan rejected my job application). I really like cheese and Helena Christensen, and I like Helena Christensen because she likes cheese. On her Wikipedia page it says this:
"Whenever my head is like a maze, I turn to the easy things in life, the things that mean the most to me: Sex and cheese. These things are connected. Truth be told, I love all cheese: French cheese, Italian cheese, even British cheese, but Danish cheese is the greatest. I get my best nightmares after I eat Danish cheese. Actually I've seriously thought about getting a cheese tattoo. A nice Edam on my shoulder, maybe."


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